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3D Präglade pins

Till skillnad från de normala 2D-stämplade pins ger de 3D-stämplade pins layouten en helt annan dimension

Minimum 250 stycken

Skriv önskat antal. Minsta beställning för denna typ av prägladpins är 250 stycken.


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3D Präglade pins

From 250 pcs. This type needs a more expensive die form. 

When we do your logo pins in full relief such like figure of a person or building/animal etc. and you want it as lively as possible then 3D die stuck pins are for you. Different than the normal 2D stamped pins the 3D stamped pins gives the layout a whole other dimention. Finer points are visible and your pin looks nicer and more presentable. 

We normalle Die stuck these pins in Coper, bronze, iron or aluminium depending on your budget or the specific details in your layout. We normally give you the price of the most common option. 

We can plate these in Shiny (gold / silver/ nickel/ copper/ bronze/black nickel) finish, antique finish, satin finish. With this type of pins you can make similiar effects as with the cast 3D zinc pins. But these are a bit better quality but they also cost more. So if your budget is limited and you need 3D effects look for the 3D zinc cast option.

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Antal 10 25 50 100 250 500 1000

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