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Exklusiva pins (Cloisonn)

Den här exklusiva pinsen har en smyckeliknande kvalitet.

Skriv önskat antal. Minsta beställning för denna typ av emaljpin är 250 stycken.

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Exklusiva pins (Cloisonn)

The exclusive pin is also known as a cloisonné or a hard enamel pin, it has always been associated with prestige and grandeur. This type of pin was originally used on jewelry worn by kings and pharaohs and it is said that the colors can be preserved for 100 years without changing.

Our cloisonné pins are our most expensive and extravagant pin. It is die struck from copper. The colors are in powder form which one by one is hand filled onto the pin and then burned at a temperature of 800 degrees. The technique takes time but ensures that the cloisonné pins have a jewelry like and durable finish. If you need to create a pin of the finest quality with long lasting colors, then cloisonné pins are the right choice for you.

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Cloisonne Features: Been said that it can be preserved for 100 years without fading because it is derived from mineral ore.
After been burned at 850 degrees centigrade, it will have hard and smooth enamel surface, which is resistant to scratching and falling off.
Owing to hard durable finish, it is best suited to make military badges, car emblems, and athletic medals, it is also ideal for recognitions, 
achievement awards and important events.

Material & Logo Process: Die struck (stamped) copper 
Enamel: Cloisonne / Hard enamel in powder (should be burned at temperature 850 degrees centigrade)
Plating: Gold (24K real gold plating), silver, nickel, chrome....
Size: Standard size --- 12.7 ~ 51mm, the max. dia. --- 130mm for round shape, 140mm for other shapes
Thickness: Standard thickness is 1.2 ~ 1.6mm, the max. thickness is 5mm.
Accessory: Normally attached with spur nail & butterfly clutch, screw and nut, safety pin, stick pin with end, tie tack, cufflink, tie bar, keychain, magnet, ribbon drape

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