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Free Tibet flag pin

The flag of Tibet as a nice pin to put on your clothes or bag.
The Tibetan national flag, also called the "Snow Lion Flag" or the "Free Tibet Flag" has been the subject of much controversy over the years. The flag is today illegal to own in Tibet and parts of China, but has since 1960 been a symbol of the Tibetan independence movement advocating for the separation, freedom and independence of Tibet from the People's Republic of China.

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Free Tibet flag pin

Symbolism of the Tibetan flag

In the middle of the flag you see a mighty snow-capped mountain representing Tibet.
On the mountain stand two proud snow lions, symbolizing the country's union of a spiritual and worldly life.

Above the mountain is a sun whose sparkling rays symbolize equal parts of freedom, spiritual and material happiness for all of Tibet. In the dark sky you see six red bands, representing the original ancestors of the Tibetan people: the six tribes called Se, Mu, Dong, Tong, Dru and Ra.

The beautiful jewel held in the air represents the reverence of the Tibetan people towards Buddha, Dharma and Sangha. Between the two lions, another jewel emerges that represents self-discipline and correct ethical behavior.

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