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Rhinestone double heart stickers self-adhesive decoration 4 pcs.

Pack of 4 pcs. self-adhesive double hearts made of rhinestones/similist.
Beautiful bling hearts that sparkle and are decorative to use on cards, invitations, gift for Valentine's Day and much more.
Each rhinestone heart measures approx. 43x25mm.

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Rhinestone double heart stickers self-adhesive decoration 4 pcs.

Beautiful double hearts made of rhinestones/similis - Give your cards and invitations an extra wow factor with these self-adhesive fake crystal hearts.
The combination of rhinestones and hearts gives a classic, feminine expression that is loved by both women and princess girls.
Self-adhesive rhinestone hearts are a beautiful decoration for weddings and for use in hobby projects.


  • Pack of 4 pcs
  • Double hearts in Simili stones
  • Extra bling factor
  • Use on cards - invitations - gifts etc.
  • 43x25mm

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